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Steps to adjust the balance of left and right channels of headphones

When you are using headphones, you may get some disturbance a hearing to music because of no proper balance between left and right channels of headphones.

Most people do not aware of this and get it irritated with their headphones, it is very common but there is no reason for getting irritation because you can adjust the volume balance of headphones. If you are unaware of adjusting them here are the steps to balance left and right audio.

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Steps to balance left and right channel

The first step is you need to unlock your mobile and get into the application. The format of one mobile will differ from the other and it is your responsibility to go into the right application that will be suitable for your usage.

The second step is you need to get into the settings option which will be available in the application bar.

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Step three: you will be able to find an option called accessibility. Under this, you will be able to find a lot of options which include hearing, screening, and many more you need to select the one that you need.

Step four: you need to get into the hearing option where you can able to get some of the options regarding the volume and other options.

Step five, inside the hearing sound setting options where you can lower the volume or increase the volume which means the volume of left and right can be adjusted according to your need.


The settings format of 1 mobile will not be the same there will be a lot of difference you can easily alter them. In case if you do not have any idea about how to handle them then it is a good idea to get help from the experts who are known to it.

Before you get into the procedure it is very important to know about the rules and also the regulations that have to be followed to obtain the best result.

Final thoughts

Generally, you need to get ideas about left and right audio channels work before you are getting inside the task to adjust the volume of the left and right channels to do them in the right way. The steps provided in this article can guide you in adjusting the balance of your headphones.

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