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With users in nearly every country around the world, we are committed to implementing and maintaining a global data privacy and security program designed to protect personal and confidential information. You can visit our Trust & Privacy Center for more information. Some of the helpful resources available include:

  • A high-level overview of the program;
  • Third-party certifications, reports, and voluntary framework participations;
  • Data processing locations and Sub-processor Disclosures; and
  • The ability to subscribe to receive notification of any new sub-processors.
  • Security and Privacy Operational Controls or “SPOC” documentation, which provides encryption use and standards, retention periods, and other helpful product-level information.

Be sure to visit the Trust & Privacy Center’s Product Resources page to review any service- or suite-specific documentation, certifications, and disclosures.


  • Referral Partner Program: describes the program, how to join, and the contract terms for participation.
  • Carbon Offset Cooperative Referral Program: describes the “refer a friend” program for our Carbon Offset Cooperative product line.
  • API Terms: sets forth the terms under which a customer or developer may leverage our standard APIs to integrate its own or other third party applications with our products and services.
  • Business Associate Agreement (BAA): is designed to support our customers’ applicable HIPAA compliance obligations for applicable service offerings. A pre-signed executable copy is available for such services in the Product Resources section of our Trust & Privacy Center.


  • Contractual notices should be sent to us at the address for your applicable contracting entity, with a copy to Carbon Offset Cooperative 282 Lake Forest Drive, Kansas City, KS 66215 USA.
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) Notice: We have adopted and implemented a notice-and-takedown procedure for copyright owners whose copyrighted work(s) appear on our websites without permission. For details please see the DMCA Notice.

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